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Hi there Welcome to the World of RozieJazz, also known as my website.

Hopefully this site will soon be finished but sadly there is NO TIME neither for working on this site nor for doing my college work. There are a number of pages in the site that have grown into something other than my original idea for the page.

One example of this is the Music page which has morphed itself into an index of my favorite bands and artists. The Games pages has however, turned out exactly as I hoped it would (or it will once it has been finished). In it there is a whole host of different games and not just PC games but some from the old style spectrum as well. I have included these in memory of the hours of fun that I had playing them as a child, because although the graphics may not be very good, the playability is second to none. In my opinion this is has only equaled in the last few years.

Anyway, moving swiftly on (as I can hear you saying "Get on with it Girl"), the Fantasy page is starting to be completed but sadly has a long way to go before being completed. This is mainly because the 'Notes' section is nowhere near completion and isn't likely to be until June 2000, when I complete my A Levels. However what it does contain is the beginnings of a list of my favorite books and what I think of them. As I try to discover a new author every year it would be brilliant if anyone with an idea relating to the writer of 2000 could e-mail me though the Feedback page. This page has a few bugs that are being ironed out, but the form doesn't work. However, the e-mail and icq does so please use them instead.

There is now a new movies section that has some reviews on it that are quite fun. The intention is that it will eventually be as big as the music section will be when finished. This site is in constant developement so keep coming back to see what the latest new thing is in the world of RozieJazz.

That's about all there is on this site apart from the page about me and my friends if you want to know even more about me than you can gleam from my taste in music, books, and games. There is also a page of my favorite sites.

See you soon and hope you enjoy looking at my site.


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